Adventurous Photos For Adventurous Lovers

A lot of our friends and family would say that we were perfect for each other. Not to get all cheesy or anything but it really has always felt like that. We love to travel and experience different cultures and the insane beauty this world has to offer. Fun fact: By the time we were both 18, I had traveled to 4 countries and all across the US and Amy had traveled to 3 countries and all across Canada. Our love for photo and music started when we were young. We are both creatives to our core. Both our lives were changed by Jesus and we freaking love people. It’s why we do what we do. The stories we’ve heard from our couples, the triumph and the pain, we all feel these things and we all desire love. We seriously care about our couples and we’re so grateful that we get to capture these big feelings in all these small moments of peoples lives. And thats pretty much who we are. Two people with what feels like a lifetime of history who love to travel, love music and photos, and love people.

Our story starts 10 years ago.

I guess this is where I share all the juicy details of our life. But before you can get to know who we are today, you need to know who we were a couple years ago.

our story...

I (Darian) lived in Miami and was going through that whole chubby boy phase. I proudly represented that #HomeSchoolLyf and spent most of my time putting off my actual work so that I could learn more interesting things like how to play guitar and piano and how to make super cool movies with my camera. Meanwhile, 3,000 miles north in Quebec Canada, Amy’s life wasn’t much different from mine. She was #TeamHomeschool as well and spent most of her time exploring her city, going to music festivals, taking photos of her life, and traveling with her family. 

We met when we were 13 thanks to her cousin (my best friend) and not too long after that we dated for 8 months long distance. Yea, we were 14 and dated for 8 months l o n g d i s t a n c e. I unfortunately ended it with her and we didn’t talk for two years. We both never dated anyone as serious as we did with each other and eventually we did get back together. We dated for two years, moved out here to California to go to ministry school, got married when I was 19, had a baby at 20, purchased and renovated our own tiny house, and started this business from the ground up. 

Hear about darian from amy'sperspective

What's up y'all!

This is Amy.

She’s my spicy French-Canadian wife. She’s the heart behind our business, our family, and me. She puts everyone's needs before her own. She won’t admit it but she’s pretty freaking amazing at singing, playing the piano, and painting. She pretty freaking hilarious and likes to laugh at her own jokes (other people laugh at her jokes too though). She has a perfectly healthy obsession with desserts and 10 out of 10 times is craving something sweet. She is so chill and full of peace that sometimes people think she’s high. I promise she isn’t! Thats just how laid back she is ya know. She’s a thrift QUEEN. 90% of her clothes are from goodwill and she still looks fiinneee but is also saving the world. Wow, what a gal huh?

Hear about amy from darian'sperspective

What's up y'all!

This is Darian.

My babe, he’s probably the one emailing you and cracking all the cheesy dad jokes! He’s the most creative and talented person ever, he’s the kind of person that can just pick anything up and instantly be amazing at it. He’s a wiz at any musical instrument that’s placed in front of him and he serenades me with the guitar daily. He’s the most down to earth person and can get along with anyone, really. If he could only choose one food to eat forever it would probably be mangos, he’s obsessed.