TO MENU

        John and Enya, they have the sweetest love. If ever you get the chance to meet these two you'll feel so loved and welcomed within the first few seconds of saying hi.

        They eloped in the beautiful San Francisco City Hall, after our session we split up and went to pig out at this little hole in the wall and ate falafel sandwiches, they were bomb and I'm convinced that middle eastern food is the best. If you ever wanna check it out, it was called "the flying falafel” on Market Street. You're welcome.


Anyways, it’s June 1st today and we couldn’t be more excited that its summer time. We’re ready for camp fires and s’mores, lake days and watermelon, sunset sessions, meeting and adventuring with more amazing couples who inspire us. We’re also SO ready to meet our little son coming soon! We’re still trying to figure out some middle names for the little guy so wish us luck and feel free to pop in with some suggestions!


        Table Mountain Adventure

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