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        First of all, these two are are probably the most down to earth Swiss couple we know (and probably the only Swiss couple we know).

        We drove out Trinidad Beach on the west coast for the 1000th time to photograph this engagement session. Now, don't get me wrong, we are NOT complaining about having to drive out to this place. I mean, just look at it! But of all the times we have gone, this is the second time we have seen a real sunset there. Most of the time its super chill and moody. But we'll gladly take both the moody goodness and the golden sunset, thanks.

        Anyways, we first met up with Anouk and Mehdi at this little cafe near the coast. We talked about life, dreams, passions, etc. Then, just when we were minutes away from what felt like hypothermia, we finally left the cafe and hit up the beach. So maybe I'm being dramatic but it was seriously cold, shoutout to these two for being troupers!

        Between all the laughing, salsa dancing (which by the way they're awesome at), and the insane sunset, we had a blast with these guys. They are honestly so amazing and certainly have the coolest hair.


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