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        We're in the business of love, documenting it, sharing it, and giving it.

        About Us

        Hey there!

        We are Amy and Darian, an adventure seeking, life loving, photography team. Our story begins 7 years ago. Two 14 year old teens fell in love at first sight (cheesy, we know, but true)! Amy was from Canada and Darian from Miami. After a few years of endless Facebook chats and even a brief pause on our friendship, we re-met when were 17 years old. Darian, swooned Amy with his smooth sweet talk and the rest was history…

        Just kidding. Thats how Darian wished it went. We actually became friends, really really good friends. We eventually dated for two years (one year long distance) and then we moved to the golden state, California, for school. After our second year of dating here in California, we got engaged and then married shortly after.

        Fun Fact: Darian was still 19 and Amy was 20 (we are now 21)

        It was during that time that we decided to start this journey into photography. Since then, we’ve been on countless adventures, met some of the coolest people, and documented beautiful and unique love stories like our own.

        A little life update, were having a baby! Darian left his full time job so that we could pursue our business and in the midst of all that change, we found out we are having a baby!

        AMY "So cool I make ice jealous"

        Super duper loving and peaceful! Would probably overload our house with candles if she could, cause I mean, why not! She is 50% awesome and funny and 50% Mexican food. Basically, she loves Mexican food and would eat it everyday, actually, I think she does… Fiddles around on piano and guitar but like Darian, cant actually fiddle on a fiddle.

        DARIAN "Wish I was as cool as Amy"

        Loves mango smoothies, like, a lot. What's that you say, it's winter and it's freezing cold and no time to drink a smoothie? Well not to Darian, it's always a good time to drink a smoothie for Darian. Likes to fiddle on the drums, piano, guitar, but cant actually fiddle on a fiddle. Loves people and loves crisp mountain air. Has some pretty awesome dad jokes.