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          Adventurous Photos
          For Adventurous Lovers

          Photos capture more than just a moment. They tell a story, our own personal story. They provide us with a timeline of our lives, filled with the faces of the ones we love and the places we’ve been. Photos are a powerful language that speak to our emotions and showcase the very best of our human nature; the part of us that desires to share intimate moments.

          WHAT OUR

          COUPLES SAY

          Victoria & Parker
          Ali & Parker
          Anouk & Mehdi
          Angela & Zlatan
          Brianna & Jamie
          35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

          These guys are the most incredible team of photographers I've ever met, and are worth their weight in gold. We hired this dynamic duo to shoot our wedding last September and the photos were beautifully shot and edited -- they truly were able to capture the feeling and vibe of our special day. And, their photos were so awesome that they are now printed all over our house (thanks for making us embrace our narcissism, guys! lol). Not only is their work incredible, but they were so easy and fun to work with. Having a team of photographers definitely helped with being able to capture all the special moments pre-ceremony and was special to work with a couple at a wedding who embody love and reverence for one another.

          35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

          Thank you the daring ones for capturing these beautiful moments. We had so much fun with them and they made it feel so natural. You guys are incredible. You are both such a blessing... anyone is blessed to have you 2 as photographers. You make everyone feel comfortable, even in a short amount of time! :) Thank you so much for giving us these beautiful memories

          35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

          You guys are so amazing! Oh my goodness you are so talented and so encouraging! Thank you so much for this incredible time we had together! It is such a blessing to know you guys. You really are so professional and we are really impressed by that! All of this is such a blessing and a beautiful gift that you are giving us!

          This is beyond our dreams or expectations...

          35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

          The Daring Ones were amazing to work with! They helped lead us through posses and made us feel very comfortable through our engagement photo session! Can't wait until they cover our wedding!! ?

          35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

          IM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          You guys are amazing! I seriously can't handle how incredible they turned out! You guys are amazing!!!!

          December 27, 2018

          point lobos engagement

          November 4, 2018

          mount shasta engagement

          September 23, 2018

          Half Moon Bay Engagement